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Test Report XBASE 888/999  27.02.2008 18:55
The online magazine Amazona has tested the XBASE 888/999

T-Resonator is bending spacetime!  14.02.2008 16:45
It is about time...

to care about the TIME.

"T" stands for time.

The T-Resonator transforms timely events into an analog feedbacked filter network. <... Details ...
XBASE 888 rocks! Available in January!  22.12.2007 02:04
Quite soon it's 008 ...time for another dawn...

and in the colors of dawn the new XBASE 888 is presented here.

It's an analog drum synthesizer with fully an... Details ...
XBASE 999 Song Loop Mode is implemented!  20.12.2007 17:12
XBASE 999 Song Loop Mode is implemented!

- Song Loop Mode is now available. You can start a song and loop it endlessly back to any song step you desire.

- Y... Details ...
XBASE 999 OS 1.30 out now!  05.01.2008 03:35
XBASE 999 has got another update. Step Edit in Pattern Mode had some quirks, now all Edit Steps are safely locked again after leaving the write mode. And the automatic A/... Details ...