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M-Resonator - Discontinued
- Discontinued -
Creative filter box based on the Resonator Neuronium idea.
Pure analog, with differential envelope followers.
Extreme and weird sounding! Details ...

MBase01- Discontinued

The MBase01 is an uncompromising JoMoX true analog bass drum in the form of a desktop midi module with storable presets. - Discontinued

Details ...

Resonator Neuronium

RNS epxerimental synthesizer by Jürgen Michaelis
Analog neural network

Details ...

SunSyn - Discontinued

8 voice polyphonic multitimbral true analog synthesizer. - Discontinued

Details ...

JaZBase03 - Discontinued
...is an alternative to the AirBase99 with new and fresh drumsounds. - Discontinued
Details ...

AiRBase99 - Discontinued
[*Obsolet*] The AiRBase99 is a 19" rack mount (1 RU) drum module that contains all of the sound production the XBase09 has and even much more... Details ...