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Preliminary - Loop Resonator

One of our most successfull products gets a smart companion.
And it's not just a successor but a whole new device that will stand next to the T-Resonator Mk2 which will be further available.

The Loop-Resonator makes the whole T-Res concept RECORDABLE!

That means, you can record the crazyness of the T-Resonator and even layer loops of knob movements and audio. Yes, audio!

• The Loop-Resonator is able to record, store and recall all knobs and parameters.

• A loop function lets you record layers of audio AND knob movements.

• An SD card port is integrated, so you are able to process the recorded WAV and Midi files on a computer or archivate them.

• Audio and knob movements can be played back from the SD card.

• The Loop-Resonator has Midi (3.5mm jacks) and Mini-USB and can be controlled completely via CCs. It can be seamlessly integrated into a DAW.

• A tiny 128*64 dots OLED display gives you some information about the different presets, FX programs, modes and audio files.

• A link function lets you link the stereo filters by different modes that include inverse as well.

• The loop function can be remotely controlled by a foot switch with a regular 1/4“ jack. Welcome guitarists and instrument players!

• Two 3.5mm stereo jacks give assignable control on max 4 external CVs for our friends of modular synthesis.

• A stereo Aux input connects to the pure digital FX section and bypasses the analog weirdness if desired.

• Some digital sound generators like FM Steady Noise will be available to insert them into the analog filter matrix. As this is still work in progress, more on this unfinished matter later on.

The Loop-Resonator will be availabe later in 2020/2021

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