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Alpha Base OS Update 1.40   08.04.2019 02:12
Alpha Base Update 1.40 The freezings in OS 1.39 have been fixed. The version had been taken out because some users reported freeze ups. For the sake of safety and his... Details ...
ModBase09 + Mod.Brane11 OS 1.05  06.04.2019 02:18
ModBase09 and Mod.Brane11 have got a new OS update which strongly improves the pot filtering and the edit start after preset recall. This minimizes the unwanted change of... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.36  01.03.2019 20:17
Alpha Base Update 1.36 //1.33 Kick CC102 didn't work and neither the corresponding p-lock, compiler fault //1.34 Xclk BPM redraw during name editing now blocked -... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.32  01.03.2019 20:05
Alpha Base Update 1.32 One user reported that the old extremely short Delay Time values were not acessible any more. Now the synced Delay Time is to edited above the o... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.31  15.12.2018 18:49
There is a new OS for the Alpha Base.
The update file is ALWAYS AlphaBas.bin which is the latest, see the date Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.25  26.08.2018 00:14
SORRY! Please don't use the MEM Init function Shift 15 with an older version than this 1.25 !!! There was a dumb mistake for testing in it which has deleted everything. N... Details ...