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Alpha Base OS Update 1.20  07.08.2018 18:33
Missing Midi FM CCs and the complete FX Midi control have been added. This also makes the parameter locks for the FM synth active. The appendix in the operating manual... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.16  10.06.2018 22:13
Little bugfix: with RxTrig (off) Midi Pitch is not changed... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.15  06.06.2018 18:22
In case your provided SD card does not work or you have no card at ha... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update  24.01.2018 23:33
A little fix during the move: //1.06 BD/MB leaking in mix out when individual out is used fixed, KD panning in mix disabled //1.07 Level drop on sample recording fi... Details ...
Alpha Base Operating Manual  22.11.2017 22:41
The Alpha Base operating manual is available for download in a prelimary version.... Details ...
Alpha Base OS update  22.11.2017 22:37
//Version 1.04 Last Step Global in Edit Mode off //Version 1.05 Occasionally filter rout write port glitches eliminated ... Details ...