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Moonwind MkII OS Upate 1.08  14.05.2024 19:08
1.07 Clock switching because of slow crystal oscillator at POR 1.08 Midi Rx Prog Change led to hang ups, Midi performance improved

→ Please note that... Details ...
Moonwind MkII OS Upate 1.06  30.04.2024 17:39
1.06 Q and Resonance CC numbers changed because they are correlated with most DAW and master keyboards in an unhappy way.

Q Left 22 0..127
Resonance L... Details ...
Moonwind MkII OS Upate 1.05  22.03.2024 17:04
1.01 Midi performance on Envelope Draw and Seqlineredraw improved
1.02 Shape updating possible (Cursor=0) if Seq Step comes from another menu
Env editing by to... Details ...
Moonwind mk II start shipping  08.02.2024 19:18
Moonwind mk II starts shipping! The new analog stereo filter with sequencer, touchpad and Midi/Cv control is available now.... Details ...
ModFM OS Update 1.06  26.01.2024 22:57
OS 1.06: missing or wrong CCs on channel 16 for the FX section corrected. Now they work according to the midi implementation. Details ...
ModFM updating with MAC  05.12.2023 14:52
You can update the Mod FM without any problems on a MAC with SysEx librarian, you only have to change the transmit buffer size to 256! Details ...