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XBASE 999 OS 1.38  15.04.2009 00:16

Bugfixes XBASE 999 : Pattern switching by Prog Change

;1.32 Midi sync pattkey pressing causes hickups
;1.33 Encoder Dynamics lowered
;1.34 Filter P... Details ...

XBASE 888 OS 1.08  15.04.2009 00:13

Bugfixes XBASE 888 : Pattern selection by Midi Prog Change

;1.06 ;Midi Prog Change selection with CC32 low bank sel 0/1 = Preset selection 000..127 or 128..2... Details ...

JazBase03 Samples for 888/999  05.12.2008 20:19

The Hi Hat and percussion samples of the older products JaZBase03, TokTok XBase und Dr. Walker XBase are ready for download. They can easily being transferred into the... Details ...

XBASE 888 OS 1.05  04.12.2008 00:07

A little Bugfix: In midi sync mode, there were hiccups when the pattern key was pressed. The midi tracks have changed their channels and legato settings.Details ...

Alessandro Cortini Interview  12.09.2008 13:01

Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails has given an interview on Electronic Musician and has nice things to say about Jomox:

Details ...

Newsletter bug fixed  11.08.2008 13:53

There was a little bug in the Jomox email newsletter subscription. Some users could not subscribe to the general newsletter. This is fixed now.

... Details ...