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Alpha Base OS Update 1.15  06.06.2018 18:22

In case your provided SD card does not work or you have no card at hand:


ATTENTION! After updating, the unit will probably show up with Multi Mode Kits. Don't worry, it's because the global flags are unititialized. Switch Multi Mode to Single with Shift 14 and store the current preset with Shift 1. This also applies for SEQ and CHAIN mode and the midi settings.

Midi Settings
-Midi notes receive enable added.
If deactivated, the Alpha Base doesn't respond to incoming midi notes.
-Midi port from/to USB enable added.
When activated, all incoming events on the physical Midi In port are passed to
USB midi and all incoming USB midi events are passed to the Midi Out port.
-Volume CC 7 changed
All instruments on individual channels receive their volume by CC 7 (replaces
CC117) which is much better if you use a DAW.
-Global Flags store added.
All midi (and other) settings are stored in the global flag area and restored on
the next power cycle. One must only store the actual preset with shift 1 to
transfer the flags to flash memory. Due to the long programming cycle this is
not done automatically.
SD Card port
-New provided SD cards get recognized.
We found out that the newer provided Intenso SD cards (roughly after serial
number 100) were not readable by the Alpha Base. Although we used exactly
the same type and same supplier and it uses Fat32, the cards are different to
the previous bunch. Sorry! The new OS checks the SD card during booting and
provides a better SD card handling. If cards are not readable after inserting,
press again the Disk button. If this doesn't help, try again by power cycling the
machine with the card inserted.
-OS update file read security improved
If the OS update is made by the file function , the file reading is
double checked and rechecked for card read errors.
Single/Multi Mode
-The switching of Single/Multi Mode has been moved from Encoder click 12 to
Shift 14.
Too often this essential basic operation switching had been done by chance and
then all your editings were gone and even more, the machine has a completely
different behaviour. In multi mode, the FX settings were not stored along with
the current Multi Kit. Also, when stored a multi set in Multi Mode, this affects
Single Kits too as the real data is only stored in the presets (Single Kits). For a
deeper understanding, read the section in the operating manual.
We think some complaints about non-recallable FX settings are related to this
basic functionality. For newbies, we recommend to use the machine in Single
Mode only.
-Multi Mode extended to FX
The Multi Mode has been expanded and implements now Reverb and Delay/Pan
settings. They act as an instrument and can be selected from the existing
presets like the other instruments. For this reason, the Multi screen now looks
like this:
M u l t i K O O O O 7 O 1 1 4 1 1 O 8
O 7 O 9 O 4 O 6 O 5 2 4 1 1 2 3
If you now store a Multi Set, the FX and Pan get reloaded properly. Please note
that Delay and Pan settings cannot be separated as they share the same
memory. Also note that in general every stored parameter change in multi
mode also affects the single kits pointed to. That's not fixable as multi mode is
just a set of vectors.
Menu Screens and Parameter Knobs drawing issues
-Some menu screens and intermitting knob movings have been blocked. So if
you are in Disk or Midi menu, turning the parameter knobs does not overwrite
the current menu any more.
Same applies for the shift functions that could be overwritten by just turning a
In order to edit the parameters of an instrument, you have to press KIT/SEQ if
you are in DISK or MIDI Menu.
-Parameter lock edit knob redraw mixing
Encoder 13 click now only works if you are in parameter lock editing (Seq Mode
and cursor right) and sets or clears parameter locks on the selected step.
Turning the knobs only works in Seq Pitch Seq mode on steps set and does not
overwrite steps in parameter lock editing as it did before.
-Pattern store menu improved
If you are in Shift 3 (Store Pattern), the current pattern is displayed as the real
number and bank you can see.
S t o r e P a t t O 1 B a n k 1
And if you press the up/down buttons or turn the data wheel it changes into :
S t o r e t o : O 1 B a n k 1
P a t t 1 2 B a n k 2