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Mod.Brane11 OS Update  28.12.2014 20:53
Mod.Brane11 OS 1.02 ist now ready for download here: (scroll down)

New functions:

1. The replayed presets can be selected via CV
2. The VCO1 pitch CV ("1Pi") can control both VCOs, if none of the 4 CVs  has VCO2 pitch ("2Pi") chosen as destination.

The last entry of the modulation list is "Prn" and will select the replayed preset.
The main preset stays active and all modulation settings will be correctly stored in this preset.
The modulations will be only be taken from the main preset and not from the vectorized played back presets.
If you are on the menu item and on the amount page, the selected preset number via CV will be displayed. The amount controls the range.
Maximum range on one CV: 64 presets.
Multiple preset "Prn" CVs can be added to enter the whole range.