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Alpha Base OS Update 1.42  24.07.2020 19:00
Loading of single samples from a folder is possible now.

-Apple file enumeration has been fixed again. Hidden files and folders are blanked out.

-when you open a folder and go cursor one right on Target (Flash appears) you can upload one sample out of the folder. When you go on to Enter(Foldr appears), the whole folder rest is uploaded from the previously selected file to the target address onwards.

-In root directory, always only one sample at a time can be uploaded.

-RAM upload is done when you stay on the sample name and hit enter. Of course one has to program sample select to RAM1 on XSMP1 beforehand in order to hear the RAM sample.

-Serious disk load bug fixed. In root directory it was possible under some conditions that endless uploading lead to erased firmware unless it wasn't stopped by turning off.