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Moonwind MkII OS Upate 1.08  14.05.2024 19:08
1.07 Clock switching because of slow crystal oscillator at POR
1.08 Midi Rx Prog Change led to hang ups, Midi performance improved

→ Please note that the preset memory is needed for the OS block transmission. After a fresh OS update, the unit initializes all presets and sequences!!!

→ Important - so it is strongly recommended to BACKUP all user presets and sequences beforehand in order to reload them after the OS update!!!

Please use the Sysex Librarian as long as our SysEx Dumper tool hasn't been adapted to Moonwind MkII ! We are working on it.

Important! → Please set the transmit buffer size to 256 and set a delay of 500ms between the packages.The pauses are essential for the Moonwind mkII to program the blocks to the internal flash memory.

There is nothing you have to adjust on the moonwind mkII. Just turn it off and on, wait for the booting process to be finished and then send the sysex dump off.
The unit should show and count up the blocks and checksums and after reception of all blocks perform the update by flashing the LEDs and make a reset with the new OS.