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MBase01- Discontinued

The MBase01 can do only one thing, but it does it right:

Phatt kick drums!!

It contains analog bass drums, from extremely powerful to soft and tender, and covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned. The MBase01 purposefully sounds different to the XBase09, making it a true expansion for the XBase09 and other analog percussion.

The kick sets in very precisely and the attack sounds very snappy in all kinds of sound variations.

The MBase01 can also be used as real bass since the decay can be lengthened and the pitch can be played on the keyboard in semitones over three octaves.

And we have another important feature included in a JoMoX bass drum: the kick drum can be triggered by an external analog trigger input. This could be any audio material , for example, a club vinyl or the electronic pads of a live drummer! There are no limits set for your joy of experimenting, creating and employment of sounds.

One of the most convincing arguments for the MBase01 is the price: At a very affordable price you get a tool that helps you to create great kick sounds, without the timeconsuming searching accociated with most inferior-sounding sample libraries. If ever there was an argument against using sample libraries... here it is. You save time, energy while reaching the sound quality you always imagined...

* Bass Drum

All bass drum parameters and the sound production are 100% identical to the XBase09, XBASE999 and the AirBase99. But the value ranges and the sound are different. The decay can be turned to 2 seconds and makes it possible, in combination with split mode 2, to play real semitone basses. The pulse sounds sharper and has a noticeable klick in the beginning, and the eq also has a wider range for obtaining smoother 808 bass drums. The decay envelope isn't compressed as in the XB/X999/AB/JB, so that the decaying sound has a true exponential curve.

* Midi
The midi controllers of the MBase01 are 100% identical to the XB/X999/AB/JB. All parameters can be remote-controlled by midi. The MBase01 is also compatible with our midi editors and templates in the bass drum department .

The MBase01 has an LFO which works on the pitch of the bass drum. The LFO speed can be edited in BPM or be syncronized by midi clock. As with the XBase09, the LFO can be synced on a note trigger or can run free. The wave forms are saw up, saw down, triangle and rectangle.


Instruments: Bass-Drum
Presets: 10 User RAM, 64 ROM
Sound production: fully analog with storeable parameters
Envelopes: analog, on external trigger the env amt and the threshold is adjustable
LFO: modulates the pitch, midi syncroniseable
Display: LED 7-segment 3 digit
Midi: Midi In, Midi Out
User interface: 1 data wheel, 5 buttons, 16 LEDs for parameter and funktions
Outputs: 1 mono out 1/4" RCA jack
Output Level: about 0dBu
Input: External analog trigger
Supply: External wall wart 9V DC
Weight: about 0.5 kg

Audio Demos
Size: 1976 KB (stereo, 192kBit/s) by Jürgen Michaelis
Size: 32 KB 02.09.2008 22:57
Size: 171 KB 29.09.2023 00:00
Size: 242 KB 29.09.2023 00:00
Size: 40 KB 09.06.2022 14:02
Size: 345 KB 21.05.2008 19:33
Size: 342 KB 21.05.2008 19:33