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M-Resonator - Discontinued
- Discontinued -

This little and inexpensive filter box is just incredible, although you won't see what's inside at first.

The envelope follower is level independent and has 2 actual envelopes internally - one fixed and one changeable referential envelope. They both are divided analog which produces a level independent envelope within far ranges.

The filters are made from discreet parts and form a 24 pole lowpass filter transistor cascade.
They can - in any thinkable way - be self feedbacked and be coupled or feedbacked with each other, so that extreme sounds and chaotic states create - all what you need today for creative analog sound design.
Unbelievable bass gains or screaming scratch sounds are no problem.
The mix pots are zeroed in center position; any other angle will couple or feedback negatively or positively. FM in both directions is also available.

Connections: Power 9V~ AC, Stereo In 2x 1/4 inch, Stereo Out 2x 1/4 inch

Check it out!

-Stereo In
-Stereo Out
-Differential envelope follower
-2 Filters
-Positive feedback loops
-Cross feedback
-FM feedback
-Power 9V~ AC
Audio Demos
Size: 3026 KB (stereo, 192kBit/s) by Jürgen Michaelis
Size: 40 KB 09.06.2022 14:02
Size: 90 KB 20.12.2007 00:27
Size: 85 KB 22.12.2007 00:09