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Mod.Brane 11
19" Euro Rack Module with full CV/Gate capabilities, built-in Midi and full storeability.

Improved advanced analog Jomox dual membrane circuitry.

Looking at the drumskins of an acoustic drum, you can mostly find two vibrating membranes that modulate and interact with each other by the coupling through pressure waves of the content air.
That produces the typical sound of a drum. Non-linear waves on a two-dimensional membrane which is co-excited from the other. By resonance and counteractive interference new frequency bands and overtones are brought about. Mostly a noise-like signal is added (e.g. snare strainer) that either excites the membranes as adds an own envelope to the resulting sound.

In the Mod.Brane 11 there are two 2-pole filters (F-OSCs) arranged in a way that dampen is like a limited range of resonance. They can interact between each other by two coupling parameters 1_2 coupling and 2_1 coupling. Coupling is a combination of addition (mixing) and frequency modulation. 2_1 coupling acts inversely with negative values and even with positive values. So every possible feedback and interference mode can be produced.

A dual noise generator which provides either white noise or a multitone metallic noise or a mixing of both, combined with a decay envelope, can produce percussion-like and cymbal-like tones which are mixed to the rest of the membrane signal. A part of the signal excites the F-OSCs, and the other part is mixed as a noise envelope to the signal.

Two internal LFOs which control the tuning of both F-OSCs expand the sound spectrum once more.

All analog parameters are either storeable and controllable via Midi. The Midi notes control the pitch of the F-OSCs.

Too, the modules are controllable via CV/Gate and via trigger pads for live drummers. With the trigger input, the threshold and velocity dependend dynamics can be adjusted.

Four routable CV inputs let all internal sound parameters (incl. LFOs and metallic noise) be controlled by CV sequencers. Every CV input provides an own programmable amount which can be negative too (i.e. subtracting the CV value from the internal value). The range reaches from 0..5V.


Membrane Oscillators M1, M2
2 F-OSC, each tuneable over the whole audio range and with adjustable dampening
Envelopes 2 analog envelopes for membranes and noise that are controlled by one parameter (decay)
1_2 Coupl coupling between F-OSCs 1 and 2
2_1 Coupl
coupling between F-OSCs 2 and 1, can be phase inverted (+/-)
Noise White Noise, 2x Metal Noise with each 499 different noise pattern combinations, Metal noise II has an adjustable bit mask
Gate T Trigger gate time 0.5ms-10ms, up to 4-times multi trigger possible
LFO 8 wave forms: Saw +/-, Sine +/-, Tri +/-, Rect +/-, modulates the pitch of one or both the F-OSC, starts always syncronous to the note trigger and is pitch envelope at the same time
can route the external 0-5V CV signals to any of the above parameters including LFOs
This is a true analog dedicated CV FM modulation input for both F-OSCs. It only works linear-wise and does not offer musical semitones across the CV scale.
The midi controllers of this module are identical to the M.Brane 1_1. All parameters including LFO can be remotely controlled by Midi CCs.
Bus Vol
Is the programmable level of the audio out signal mixed to the Jomox system bus on the rear. Will work with future master modules.
Bus Send
Serves as the programmable FX send to the Jomox system bus on the
backside. Will work with future effects modules.
Measures height: 3 RU, size: 20 HP, depth: 53mm
Power usage
: ~120-140mA on +12V, ~80mA on -12V

Audio Demos
Size: 2296 KB ((stereo, 192kBit/s)) by Jürgem Michaelis
Size: 1640 KB ((stereo, 192kBit/s)) by Jürgen Michaelis
Size: 1413 KB ((stereo, 192kBit/s)) by Jürgen Michaelis
Size: 1972 KB ((stereo, 192kBit/s)) by Jürgen Michaelis
Size: 7 KB 28.12.2014 20:14
Size: 41 KB 11.03.2015 22:59
Size: 43 KB 15.08.2020 22:23
Size: 1598 KB 29.11.2013 23:03
Size: 1597 KB 29.11.2013 23:04
Size: 344 KB 13.06.2016 18:18
Size: 264 KB 09.10.2020 17:17
Size: 171 KB 29.09.2023 00:00
Size: 242 KB 29.09.2023 00:00
Size: 40 KB 09.06.2022 14:02
Size: 3547 KB 02.01.2014 23:07
Size: 3546 KB 25.03.2014 00:43